Psychotherapy and Counselling

Central London and Surrey

The decision to embark on psychotherapy or counselling can be a daunting one for anyone. It may be that talking about your feelings feels challenging, unnatural and sometimes frightening. 

Life may have begun to feel more challenging or unmanageable for reasons you don't fully understand. This can often be due to hidden emotions related to experiences from the past. You might feel overwhelmed and want to talk to someone outside of your family or social network.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling offer a safe and confidential space for you to share and explore difficult, often confusing, feelings with someone who will listen empathetically and without judgement. Talking can help you gain insight. It can lead to feelings of greater well being and help you see and understand how you react in different relationships. Therapy and the relationship between the client and the therapist can help you to understand yourself with a greater level of insight and help you identify the root of the issues confronting you.

Reasons you might be considering counselling or psychotherapy:

- Coping with stress or anxiety

- Feeling depressed or low

- Feeling under pressure

- Lacking in confidence and/or self esteem

- Trouble with making or sustaining meaningful relationships

- Coming to terms with loss, bereavement or separation

- Eating disorders

- Anger

- Unresolved issues from the past

- Trauma, abuse and childhood neglect

- Problems relating to sexuality or gender

- Phobias